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Nestled in the heart of a “Mini Switzerland “as traveller’s call’s it, “KATAU ROADHOUSE” is located in Lachung, North Sikkim, India. Unsurpassed in natural beauty, North Sikkim is amongst the most beautiful destinations in the world. Lofty mountains, glaciers, high passes and dense forests and rugged Tibetan plateau make it a region of diverse geographical landscapes. Spread over 4226 sq km, it covers more than half the area of Sikkim.

Lachung literally means the small pass. This is the last village on the route; tourists come up to Katau to witness the snow all the year round as it falls above the snow line.


Katau Roadhouse is equipped with committed and dedicated hosts, with warmth in their hearts and smiles in their lips, to go beyond to ensure the best stay possible. It offers great value family – friendly accommodation in gorgeous, tropical Lachung and beyond. Surrounded with snow capped & rugged mountains, a roof top gives you the access to enjoy a mesmerizing 360 view of Lachung valley and its surroundings. Relax in the comfort of top quality rooms with glorious views, relaxed view front dining. A cosy, well heated and well furnished room overlooking the gigantic Rocky Mountains & snow covered valleys, would definitely make you feel, being  in a wonderland.


Our objective is to offer the best in travel. A range of amenities and a personalized service will make your stay with us a “home away from home” experience.

Enjoy the views

of North Sikkim



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